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Estroven® Stay Sharp During & After Menopause

Estroven® Stay Sharp During & After Menopause

Supports Concentration & Focus*

  • Contains clinically-proven ingredients to support healthy cognitive function and memory*
  • Designed to support vision and protects eyes from UV/blue light​*
  • Formulated to help you stay focused during your menopausal journey*
  • 30 Day Supply
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  • DHA

    Omega-3 fatty acid to support brain & eye health*


    Lutein and Zeaxanthin are clinically proven to support brain function*


    Zeaxanthin and Lutein helps protect the eye from UV light & blue light*

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Did You Know?

Changes in hormone levels as women age can affect brain and eye health.  Fluctuations in estrogen can lead to natural changes in focus, memory, and vision.  
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The Basics

From the #1 Menopause Brand of Choice Among Women and Recommend by Pharmacists‡, Estroven® Stay Sharp offers women a solution that works naturally with their body to support memory & focus as well as promote healthy vision during and after menopause.* Formulated with clinically proven Lutein and Zeaxanthin, two powerful antioxidants that protect the retina of the eye, to help promote healthy vision and also to support complex attention, helping you stay sharp throughout menopause.*

Directions for Use

Take two softgels daily with food.

For best results, ongoing daily use is important.


Going beyond the typical menopause symptoms, this product is specially formulated to help protect brain & eye health to help you stay sharp*:

DHA, contributes to the maintenance of normal vision.* ​Lutein with Zeaxanthin are clinically proven to support brain function.*  ​Zeaxanthin with Lutein helps protect the eye from UV light & blue light.*

Supplement Facts

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"I love that it isn't a bunch of weird ingredients that I'm unfamiliar with. I didn't realize until I got older that eye health was potentially affected by hormones/menopause so I love an easy way to support my vision."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in Estroven® Stay Sharp, and how do they support brain and eye health?

Estroven® Stay Sharp contains DHA, an important Omega-3 fatty acid plus Lutein and Zeaxanthin.  DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal vision*, and Lutein and zeaxanthin are clinically proven to support healthy brain function.*  Lutein and Zeaxanthin are not only known for helping to protect eye health, but also help support cognitive flexibility throughout menopause.*

Can I take Estroven® Stay Sharp in combination with other Estroven® Products?

Yes. Estroven® Stay Sharp is specifically formulated to help support women’s brain & eye health areas before, during and after the menopause journey, and complements other Estroven® products to relieve traditional menopause symptoms.* Choose one Estroven® formulation for hot flashes and add on any of the Estroven® Stay You products that best fit your needs. As with any dietary supplement, please inform your healthcare professional before taking. ​

What are the directions for taking Estroven® Stay Sharp?

Take two softgels daily with food. May be taken at any time of day. May be taken all at once or divided.

How long do I take the product for it to benefit me?

This product is formulated with ingredients to help protect brain and eye health during all stages of menopause.* Product benefits are best realized with on-going, daily use. This product is a proactive way for women at different stages in their menopause journey to support their brain and eye health.* ​

Is it okay to take Estroven® Stay Sharp during all stages of menopause?

Yes, Estroven® Stay Sharp supports brain and eye health during all stages of menopause (pre-menopause, menopause and post-menopause).* ​

Does Estroven® Stay Sharp contain the hormone estrogen?

No. Estroven® Stay Sharp does not contain synthetic, animal or human-derived hormones.

How should Estroven® Stay Sharp be stored?

Please store Estroven® Stay Sharp at room temperature. Do not expose to excessive heat, humidity or direct sunlight.

Why is maintaining brain & eye health important during the stages of menopause?

As estrogen levels change during the menopause transition, normal physiological changes occur that can impact brain & eye health. Managing the menopausal transition goes beyond relieving typical menopause symptoms like hot flashes and includes supporting brain & eye health.

Is it safe to take Estroven® Stay Sharp with prescription meds?

We recommend speaking with your healthcare professional to see if taking Estroven® with medications is appropriate for your individual situation. ​

Where can I manage my subscription?

You can access your subscription in our subscription portal by requesting an account invite. Please use the email address your order was place with and as always, please check your SPAM folder if you don’t see an email.

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