Dr. Pam’s^ Most Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Pamela Dee, OB/GYN, is a paid spokesperson for Estroven®. The information provided herein is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be construed as medical advice or to replace professional medical care. You should always seek the advice of a medical professional before starting any new medication or dietary supplement. The opinions stated herein are those solely of the writer and do not portray the opinions of the Estroven®brand, i- Health, Inc., or DSM.

Dr. Pamela Dee^ (Dr. Pam) is America’s leading menopause expert & OB/GYN, and she is on a mission to encourage honest dialogue about the physical and emotional symptoms that accompany menopause. Her goal is to de-stigmatize menopause and start the “Menopause Romance Revolution.” Her film, LOVE, SWEAT & TEARS, shares an empowering message of hope and action. Dr. Pam^ won’t rest until every woman knows the truth about menopause, that there is hope and that the third part of a woman’s life can be the best and most romantic.

As an OB/GYN, I answer many questions from worried patients in the privacy of the examination room. But especially after the debut of my documentary on Netflix, Love, Sweat, and Tears, I began receiving many questions on my website. Since many of these questions are recurring, I would like to share some of the most common.

#1. Do you think that I have Alzheimer’s Disease?

No, I do not. Women are over-worked, under-appreciated and spread too thin. Almost every woman I know or take care of has a job and is the primary caregiver to her children and/or her parents. There are so many important things to remember every day that the little things—like the reason for walking into a room—get overridden by the next thought. It’s important to remember that self-reported memory loss is rarely dementia, but if this remains a real worry, have a family member administer the Mini Mental State Examination, which is available online and see your healthcare provider.

#2. I cannot have an orgasm during intercourse—only with manual clitoral stimulation. Is there something wrong with me?

Absolutely not! This is probably the most common question I’m asked. Most women have not had an orgasm with intercourse. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t feel good—it just means they require manual or oral stimulation in order to climax. There is nothing wrong at all. For some women, this may start happening after menopause when estrogen and blood flow to the genital area dwindles. She should make sure her partner understands this and takes the time to stimulate her to an orgasm first; and then it will be more likely that she could perhaps have one during intercourse. But don’t worry—this is normal.

#3. I am frightened about taking estrogen. Is there something that I can do about hot flashes?

If a patient cannot or does not want to take estrogen supplementation, there are still options to help her manage hot flashes—please be sure to discuss all options with your healthcare provider first! My first recommendation is to try Estroven® Menopause Relief + Stress, which is safe, available over-the-counter and formulated with Black Cohosh and Soy Isoflavones to help reduce hot flash severity and frequency.* Next, lifestyle changes help as well. Wearing layered clothing to take off as hot flashes hit, keeping personal fans on-hand, getting regular exercise, quitting smoking and avoiding triggers such as caffeine and alcohol are also known to help.

#4. I am struggling with my weight. Can you help me?

The absolute key to managing weight change after menopause is exercise. Something happens to our metabolism when we go through menopause—a calorie-restricted diet is just not enough anymore. “Walking a lot at work” doesn’t cut it either. Prioritize a stand-alone daily exercise program. I like to do DVDs in my home. Try an exercise class or get a personal trainer at a local gym or YMCA, but a stand-alone exercise routine is necessary. I also recommend Estroven® Menopause Relief + Weight, a wonderful over-the-counter and very safe product formulated with Synetrim® CQ to help manage weight change.*

^Dr. Pamela Dee is a paid spokeswoman for Estroven®.