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You've been noticing that you feel different, not quite yourself. Sometimes you're on top of the world; other times you don't know what to do. Is this menopause? And if so, what can you do about it? Take our brief self-survey and get some answers!

Below are 10 questions about menopause and the symptoms associated with menopause. Select the answer that best describes your experience or feeling. Your score will be calculated when you hit the "submit" button.

1. What are your expectations for menopause?

A. I'm looking forward to this exciting time
B. I guess I'll experience some physical and emotional changes
C. I'm nervous about how tough it might be
D. It's going to be awful

2. What was your mother's menopause like?

A. She never talked about it, so I assume it was fine
B. She complained a little, but she was basically okay
C. It was kind of a rough time for her
D. She always told me it was the end of everything good

3. How well do you take care of yourself?

A. Very well - I'm in good physical and emotional shape
B. Fairly well - I could stand to improve my diet and exercise
C. I rarely do - I only eat well and exercise when I'm on a diet
D. Badly - I'm out of shape and don't pay attention to diet and exercise

4. What's your attitude toward sex and intimacy?

A. I'm open toward it and enjoy it
B. I used to like it more when it felt better
C. I can take it or leave it
D. I'm just not interested anymore

5. How do you handle stress?

A. I'm cool and collected
B. I try to keep calm and not worry too much
C. I wish I could stop myself from worrying about things I can't change
D. I'm a wreck and consumed with stress

6. How's your energy level?

A. I'm usually full of pep
B. I feel tired occasionally
C. I often feel like I can't do all the things I generally enjoy doing
D. I feel exhausted all the time

7. Have you experienced hot flashes?

A. I've had one or two
B. At least a few times a week
C. At least a few times a day
D. I'm drenched nearly all the time

8. Do you experience moodiness?

A. No - I'm pretty much on an even keel
B. Rarely - If I feel grouchy or sad, it goes away quickly
C. Often - I don't seem to be able to keep my moods under control
D. Constantly - I just don't feel like myself these days

9. Have your sleeping habits changed?

A. I'm usually a sound sleeper
B. I'm sometimes awakened by night sweats
C. I often have night sweats and can't get back to sleep
D. It feels like I never get a full night's sleep

10. What would you like your daughter to know about menopause?

A. It's a growth opportunity - a great time of life
B. It's actually more fun than I imagined, and worth the wait to get here
C. If you can get past the rough years, it's not a disaster
D. I won't tell her anything, so she's not disappointed


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