Why Estroven

Although there are a variety of other non-prescription menopause relief products on the market, they lack many of the elements included in Estroven's special multi-symptom menopause relief formulas:

Reason #1

The natural extracts in Estroven’s products have a long history in addressing menopausal symptoms and many have been evaluated in both clinical as well as toxicological studies showing good tolerability with low risk of side effects and are generally considered safe and effective for the relief of menopausal symptoms.

Reason #2

Estroven formulas contain the highest quality ingredients, which means that the herbs are extracted to strict specifications and verified to be the species used in clinical studies.

Reason #3

In Estroven products, you know what you are getting- ingredients to address your menopausal symptoms that are standardized to ensure consistent and reliable dosage.

Reason #4

Clinical studies have shown that it is not just the ingredients but the right amounts of bioactive ingredients that are required to elicit the clinical affects. That’s why Estroven’s line of products are formulated to provide efficacious amounts of those ingredients.

Reason #5

Finally, most other brands do not contain additional ingredients to address your most bothersome peri/menopausal symptoms; like irritability, occasional sleeplessness, fatigue and mood and memory issues.